Sunday, January 3, 2010

Staircases of the Inn, part 2

The spindles and handrails are installed. As this was the first dollhouse I ever made, I didn`t excactly think everything through, so things doesn`t always fit perfectly in this house... The floor to ceiling height is also too low, and the doorways and staircases are too narrow. But I`ll make the best of it, and this house will always be special to me. Me and my father spent hours in their basement building it, and I am so glad he helped me.


  1. You are fortunate to have shared the building of the dollhouse with your dad.

  2. Bra jobba Anne Mari, jeg synes det ser flott ut!
    Og så kjekt å ha en så hendig og snill far!

  3. Staircases are tricky at the best of times and we can't always think of everything beforehand - I know! I've been caught out by that one once or twice.