Thursday, July 29, 2010

My first give-away! Part two

You still have a few days to sign up for my first give-away. I addition to the hat, the winner will also get this shelf....

And some flowers and chocolates....

And I`ll also add some extra surprises!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Re-upholstered Bespaq sofa

I bought this Bespaq sofa a long time ago, and never really found the right place for it, and I think it looked kind of dull. So I decided to give it a make-over! I used the fabric I just bought in London. The print is a bit big, but I like the result anyway :-)



Thursday, July 22, 2010

My first give-away!

I totally forgot to have a give-away when I got 100 followers, so I`ll have one now to say thank you to my followers, I now have 150! :-D
I will give away this hat that I`ve made, plus I`ll add some other surprizes as well ;-) I just haven`t finished making everything yet, so I can`t show you a picture....
The winner will be announced on the 1st of August, and you have until Juli 31. to sign up by leaving a comment here. Feel free to post this give-away on your blog! :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soft pink and cream hats

I haven`t been making many minis for myself lately, but a couple of days ago I made these hats! They`re not very embellished, but I like the simplicity and soft colors. I think grandma and her daughter will get one each.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Used my gift certificate

I used the gift certificate from SP Miniatures that I got for my birthday, and I got this beautiful working scale by Nantasy Fantasy. Perfect for the wizard`s potion making!

I must admit I spent a little bit more than the gift certificate, and I also got these items for the Cottage...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trip to London

This Sunday I got back from our trip to London. I went with my sister and our mother, and we stayed in London from Thursday to Sunday. We did lots of shopping, went on a sightseeing bus (since my sister hasn`t been in London before) and saw the "Mamma Mia" musical, front row, very cool! We also ate at one of Gordon Ramsey`s restaurants, Maze, had afternoon tea at the Ritz, had lunch at Laduree at Harrods (and of course bought some macaroons to go), visited the Victoria and Albert museum, Kew Gardens, and last, but not least... Kristin Baybars Dollhouse shop! WOW! What a shop, I just loved it! She had just about everything you could imagine, and I highly recommend visiting her shop if you are going to London.
Not far from Kew Gardens we visited a quilt shop, and I bought these fabrics...

This is a dollhouse at Kew Palace in Kew Garden. It was bigger than 1:12, but I just had to take some pictures anyway :-)

These are the things I bought from Kristin Baybars...

The figurine is by Veronique Cornish.

Some mossy pots by Clive Brooker

A beautiful owl for my wizard by Annie Willis of Fine Designs

Some more wizard items

And something for the kids

And some paintings (prints, that is, not real paintings)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thrift-store bed

A couple of years ago my mum found this bed at a local thrift-store. I have finally made a matress and bedlinen for it. I also want to make lots of pillows and perhaps a blanket thrown on the bed would look nice.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Come on in!

I`ve changed a few things in the Retreat. I`ve re-arranged some furniture and added some more miniatures. I`ve made most of the things in this house myself, so I`ll give credit to the ones I haven`t made.
Potted tree by Cate, "Gone fishing" sign by Christina, cake by Rita, plant on the table by Christel, flowers by Siv, white blanket from Ann`s crochet miniatures, boots from SP Miniatures, benches and table bought in London.
Let`s go inside and take a peek...
Basket by Zara Thomson-Ribeaud, pillow and cupcakes (on the table) by Christel.
The grey bowl in the shelf on the wall is Re-ment, and I bought the white tray with the glass lid online. I found the angel in a craft store.
The life-vest is by Christel, the fishing-pole is by Christina, the basket is made by Al Chandronnait, and I bought the paint set at KDF. The bowls in the corner shelf were given to me by Tara. I bought the clear glasses on the shelf from Matlock Miniatures, and the lighthouse is from Minihuset.
The boxes on the shelf are made by Tara, and the food is by Christel. I can`t remember who made the pineapple sign, but I think it was Tara or Christina. The kettle, cake plate and oven- mittens are bought online. The stove, tap and fridge are from Elf Miniatures.
I found the book cover (in the basket) at Lizelund, and I bought the rug from Cilla.

The blue mug, the white bowl and the small tub were bought online. The crib is Bespaq and the teddybear is from World of Miniature bears.