Friday, July 2, 2010

Come on in!

I`ve changed a few things in the Retreat. I`ve re-arranged some furniture and added some more miniatures. I`ve made most of the things in this house myself, so I`ll give credit to the ones I haven`t made.
Potted tree by Cate, "Gone fishing" sign by Christina, cake by Rita, plant on the table by Christel, flowers by Siv, white blanket from Ann`s crochet miniatures, boots from SP Miniatures, benches and table bought in London.
Let`s go inside and take a peek...
Basket by Zara Thomson-Ribeaud, pillow and cupcakes (on the table) by Christel.
The grey bowl in the shelf on the wall is Re-ment, and I bought the white tray with the glass lid online. I found the angel in a craft store.
The life-vest is by Christel, the fishing-pole is by Christina, the basket is made by Al Chandronnait, and I bought the paint set at KDF. The bowls in the corner shelf were given to me by Tara. I bought the clear glasses on the shelf from Matlock Miniatures, and the lighthouse is from Minihuset.
The boxes on the shelf are made by Tara, and the food is by Christel. I can`t remember who made the pineapple sign, but I think it was Tara or Christina. The kettle, cake plate and oven- mittens are bought online. The stove, tap and fridge are from Elf Miniatures.
I found the book cover (in the basket) at Lizelund, and I bought the rug from Cilla.

The blue mug, the white bowl and the small tub were bought online. The crib is Bespaq and the teddybear is from World of Miniature bears.


  1. It's all lovely and light with lots of interesting items. Thanks for the invite to look round.

  2. Wow that looks like a calm and lovely summer retreat to me ;-)

  3. Lovely and summery. Great work:) Very nice flowers on the table too.

  4. It looks so inviting, such a nice place to relax on the weekend :)

  5. Hi Mimmi! Your cottage is very pleasant. I like the many details you knowingly distributed environments.
    Now the holiday home is ready :-)
    Reguards, flora

  6. Your cottage is very beutiful! I could enjoy my life there:D

  7. Så mange flotte detaljer, jeg liker veldig, veldig godt det havbildet over skjenken, det er nydelig!