Friday, September 24, 2010

My very own dollhouse room!

Finally! After years and years of waiting and wishing, I am getting a room for my dollhouses! Earlier this week we bought a house, and it has five bedrooms! That means the kids doesn`t have to share a room anymore, and in addition the masterbedroom, my husband and I each get our own room for our hobbies. I am so looking forward to moving in all my mini-stuff! :-D

This is the room...

The house is very close to were we live now, only a 5-10 min. walk. We always knew we wanted to get a house close to where our appartement is, cause we really like this neighbourhood. When I first saw the house for sale online, I just knew it was the right house for us straight away. It has plenty of space and a nice garden, and the interior is in light and neutral colors. I can`t wait to move in! I`ve already started packing. I spent more than two hours packing up my miniatures! And that was just the small items, not the furniture! It is quite a job to pack (and unpack!) eight dollhouses, but it`ll definitely be worth it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mini Le Creuset

My husband is the manager of a shop that sells kitchen supplies, and he recently went to LeCreuset`s showroom in Oslo. They gave him these cute pots, that are really refridgerator
magnets! They are a little bit big, but not too big, as the full-size pots come in large sizes. They looked really nice on my mini Aga stove. :-)