Thursday, January 28, 2010

The ever-changing living room

The living room in my Country Victorian by RGT has gone through so many changes over the years! This is where it all begun, in November 2004.

By September 2006 it looked like this. The first of THREE wallpaperings this room has seen. The sofa and chairs are Bespaq. I don`t have these any more, I swapped them with Christel.

By christmas, I had changed the furniture. This is a sofa from Lee`s line, and the chair and table is Bespaq.

In March 2007 I changed the wallpaper, and added a new Bespaq sofa and chair, plus a Bespaq cabinet.

But only a month later I got a new sofa from DHE, and a new Bespaq table.

Here`s Bespaq table number three, and two chair from Lee`s Line, in May 2007.

July 2007: Another Lee`s Line chair.

Then a leap to February 2009: One more Lee`s Line chair, and a leather chair by Gail Steffey.

November 2009: Golden sofa by Baspaq.

Now: Bespaq sofa, Gail Steffey chair, chandelabre, tea box and frame by Simply Silver, bronze statue by Neil Carter, mirror from SP miniatures, fireplace from Hearth and Home, porcelain from Stokesay Ware, food by myself and Tara Ericcson, table by Bespaq.

Cabinet by Bespaq, fireplace tools by Brooke Tucker, figurines inside the cabinet by Veronique Cornish and others.

I`m still not done here, but this is what it looks like today! :-)


  1. Masse forandringer ja :) men det skyldes kanskje at du ikke helt ser for deg hva du vil med rommet?
    Du har sikkert kikket i engelske interiørblader slik som House & Garden? Masse fin inspirasjon der!!
    Ellers er jo rommet fullt av de nydeligste skatter....sååå masse fint og lekkert!!!

  2. Du har så otroligt fina möbler och miniatyrer!
    Massor av inspiration hittar jag hos dej!
    Jag har sytt massor av små tygkorgar efter din tutorial, tack för det.

    Jag har en award till dej på min blogg att hämta!

  3. He he ja slik holder vi vel på noen og enhver. Du har masse flotte ting ihvertfall:)

  4. I like how it is now - it's nice to see the various transformations over time. Good idea too with the step up.

  5. I'm glad, that I'm not the only person who is changing the wallpapers and furniture of the dollhouse a few times ;-)

    the step in your living room is a nice idea. It makes the room more "interesting".


  6. Jeg liker det grønne stoffet på møblene, det gjør rommet luftigere! Synes også det var en god ide med den lille trappen, den bryter opp dybden litt.
    Nydelig speil og småting på kaminhyllen!

  7. A good thing is that making a new style in a miniature house is that it is not as expensive as in the "big" world. Smile.

  8. Good to see the transformation. It looks as if a lot of time has passed season after season. I admire your dedication to your dollhouse and with that, you really did an incredible thing with it. :)