Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lights in the roombox

Noah and I have been working on his roombox. I found some of my old lamps, and installed them.

I made a bed for Teddy, and Noah painted it dark green. I am also going to make bedlinen with the fabrics Noah has picked out.

I made the kitchen counter and the shelf on the wall. The sink is an empty Nespresso coffee capsule. Far left under the sink is an opening fridge he borrowed from me. There is an avaliable space under the counter far right, where the dishwasher will go. I asked Noah what he wanted in his house before I started making the counter, and he said a dishwasher and a vacumer, so we ordered those from Elf miniatures.

He got the viking, viking ship, snowman and map of Iceland from Kristín Trampe. Jane in our local dollhouse club made the candlestick.


  1. It's lovely - just like a little studio flat.

  2. What a clever sink! I love it. Good work Noah. Teddy will be so cozy in his home. M2V