Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Retreat

Welcome to my Retreat! I bought this kit summer 2008 from during our holiday in Denmark. When deciding on how to decorate it, I was inspired by the houses we saw in Skagen, Denmark.
The house is not complete, but this is what it looks like at the moment.

I made the sofa and chair from kits by Second Childhood. On the patio floor I have used real stone from Richard Stacey. I knitted the blanket on the chair.

The basket by the chair is made by Al Chandronnait.

The Hydrangea is made by Siv from our local dollhouse club. I made the blue flowers from a kit, and the other one is made by Christel.

The cake is made by Rita, and I bought the table and benches in a dollhouse shop in Greenwich, London.

The sign is made by Christina Pardy.

I bought this cheeseboard at The Kensington Dollhouse Festival. I`m not sure if I remember correctly who made it, but it might be by Minicaretti.

I made the top left pitcher, I bought the jars with food at The Kensington Dollhouse Festival from Country Contrast or Country Treasures, sorry, I keep mixing the two... The tiny basket is by Al Chandronnait, the onions are by Angie Scarr, and the jars are from Stokesay Ware.

I made the shelf, and I bought the bottle in Denmark.

I made these flowers from a kit, Christel made the cupcakes, the table is by Willow Models, and the tray is by Al Chandronnait. I bought the teapot at KDF, but sadly I don`t remember the name of the maker. The spout actually pours!

I painted the picture, and made the shelf. I made the flowers from a kit, and the flowerpot is by Clive Brooker.

I made the chair from a kit by Anne Ruff. Christel made the pillow, and the basket is by Zara Thompson-Ribeaud.

I bought the sketchbook at KDF, and the table is made by Kristín Trampe from Iceland.

The toy chest under the stairs is filled with wooden toys. It is made by Chris Sturgess-Lief.

The picture on the wall is me, 8-years old.

The painters box is by Chris Sturgess-Lief. I made the table, and made a new seat for the chair frame.

The fishing pole is made by Christina Pardy, and the life-vest is by Christel.

I made everything you see in this picture except the rug. I bought that at the local dollhouse fair in 2008.

I made everything here except the plate on top of the table.

I painted this picture of the view from our window at our hotel room in Skagen Denmark, summer of 2008. I put some family pictures in the frames on the wall.

I painted and distressed the wooden items. The washboard is by Sir Thomas Thumb.

I made this picnic basket.


  1. Minner meg om Danmark ja :)
    Friskt og fint interiør med masse fine detaljer!
    Kunne vært fint å se et bilde av hele interiøret på et bilde?


  2. Takk skal du ha! :-D Jeg kan ta et bilde av alt, ja... Det kommer snart ;-)

  3. The Retreat is just lovely. I like your descriptive way of pointing out all the little details.

  4. Thank you, Irene! I`m glad you like it :-)

  5. I love the Retreat. You've done a wonderful job with it! I especially like your picnic basket.