Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shingling the roof

I have been putting this off for ages, shingling isn`t the most fun part of making a dollhouse... But I`m glad it`s done now! I painted it with Americana Acrylic paint, a color called "French Grey Blue". I didn`t sand it, to keep it looking more rough. I then added a black wash to the entire roof. The house itself is now done, I just need to fill this interior shop with lots of miniatures! And that might take a while... ;-)
Ten years of beeing a miniaturist, 7 dollhouses, and none of them are finished! And I guess they never will be, I tend to redecorate them over and over again.


  1. Nydelig arbeid Anne Mari!
    Jeg må si du er tålmodig!

  2. It looks great - the finish is very effective and following you while you fill it with all sorts of goodies will be fun!

  3. That's a nice colour combintation - love the 'dirty wash' on the roof :)

  4. Taket blev verkligen fint! Jag håller med om att det är ett av de tråkigaste momenten i byggandet...jag håller också på hela tiden och förbättrar på icke färdiga hus. De blir aldrig klara...!


  5. Kjempefint hus. Litt sånn amerikansk kolonistil!
    Du er forresten heldig som har en mann som er så flink til å finne alle de fine kalendergavene!!!


  6. Tusen takk, Lena og Synnøve! :-D