Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lights in Victorian Cottage Jr

I have installed lights in my Victorian Cottage Jr. I still need more lamps in every room, but this is what I have so far.

You can hardly see the light in the kitchen, it didn`t turn out exactly as I had wished. There is a lightbulb behind the oven hood, above the stove. I also noticed that the light makes the ovenhood kind of see-through. So I`ll definitely need some more lamps to light up this room!

I have to change a couple of bulbs in the living room...


  1. The whole place looks lovely, but definatley as you say a bit of a strange 'glow' in the kitchen (makes for an interesting atmosphere) but another light in there will fix that I'm sure. That bedroom furniture is amazing, especially the wardrobe.

  2. Fantastiskt fint i alla rum! Otroligt fina sovrumsmöbler, lampan på sideboardet är jag väldigt intresserad av var du köpt? (med blomdekorationerna på)

    Jag önskar dej en god jul!

  3. Thank you, Norma! The bedroom furniture, except the bed (which I made) is Bespaq. The wardrobe is a "Dutch baby house" that I will eventually decorate as a dollhouse for the dollhouse.

    Tusen takk Lena! Lampen er kjøpt på Kensington Dollhouse festival. Den er laget av Brooke Tucker.

  4. Hello Norma, What a beautiful house. It was a pleasure to look at it. Greetings Xandra from the Netherlands