Thursday, June 3, 2010

Country Victorian bedroom

I`ve had this picture since I was a child, and I`ve always liked it so much. I found it recently when I was cleaning up the attic, and I replaced the old frame with this one to make it more suitable for the dollhouse. I think it`s a bit big, but it`s special to me, so I want it in my dollhouse anyway.

At our last dollhouse club meeting I had prepared kits for everyone to make shelves like this. I decided to use the one I made for baby stuff in the bedroom.


  1. It looks lovely and you did a great job with the shelf

  2. I almost thought the first picture was a real size room..... but the "hat thing" on the corner chest gave it away.. it's a typical dollhouse item :)))))
    Very nice room and details!!!
    Synnøve :)

  3. Like Synnove I was wondering too if it was your dollhouse or real house! I think the picture is a good size for that space. Cute shelf too :)

  4. So precious! The colors are soothing and the little shelf look so cute. CM