Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Louis Vuitton

I made this wallet (with money in it) and handbag with some Louis Vuitton printies I got from Lena.

I also have several other projects going on at the moment, but I don`t have much time to work on them, so it`s going pretty slowly... I am working on some flowers, some framed pictures, the tree in front of the cottage, the wizard, a shelf, a sink, re-doing another room at the Inn.... and that`s just some of it! I`ll show you as soon as I have something to show! :-)


  1. Beautiful little Purses..x

  2. They're very pretty, love the money :) Sounds like you are very busy with all those projects.

  3. very beautiful

    groetjes Ingrid

  4. knall fine ting Anne Mari, flinke du er til å lage noe innimellom alt det andre .Jeg får desverre ikke gjort noe nå før komfen til tvillingene .
    Vi snakkes !