Monday, January 24, 2011

A visit to Kristin Baybars shop

In the beginning of January I went to London, and of course I had to visit Kristin Baybars shop! She is such a lovely lady, and her shop is amazing!

I bought some small glass items. I am planning to make some scented candles using the three jars.

I also got these urns. I have made lots of flowers, and I`m going to make flower arrangements in these for the diningroom at the Inn.

And I bought some lamps...

And the wizard got some new glass items for his potion making.

He also got a filled shelf for his bedroom.

I don`t know the maker of this chair, but it`s absolutely gorgeous! I put it in the Tuscan Villa.

This is piping for a sink I have, and a sweet picture.


  1. Ah, you really got some nice goodies, I am glad all the snow and airport traffic jams didn't stop you from getting to London. Colin Bird makes these kinds of chairs. Maybe?????

  2. When I saw the chair, I actually thought it was Colin Bird, so I asked Kristin. But she said it wasn`t him, and she didn`t remember who made it.

  3. Woow for noen flotte skatter du fikk kjøpt. Må nok innom henne i mai ,når jeg er på messen.

  4. Nice mini shopping you did!
    Kristin looks like a very friendly lady :)