Thursday, May 27, 2010

My new craft room

I have always wanted my own room to work on my miniatures, a place where I can leave out my work-in-progress without my to boys touching it. And now I have it! Our caravan! :-D
We bought it last month, and it`s been parked outside our house since then, and I got the idea to use it as my workspace. So I grabbed all my materials and tools, and settled in. It`s so nice, quiet and cozy there, I love it! And I`m going to submit my finished Bachelor paper tomorrow, so now I have lots of time to spend working on my minis until school starts again in August. I can`t remember the last time I had such a long summer holiday, I think I was 17 years old... Since then I have worked every summer, or looked after the kids. But they both go to kindergarden full-time now, so I`ll have the days all to myself. Ahhh... luxury!


  1. Så stilig Anne Mari,kos deg masse i campingvogna!
    Det er deilig å slippe å rydde for hver gang 1


  2. It's wonderful! Your own space, no need to pack up when you need to leave and everything in easy reach.

    Good luck with your bachelor paper.

  3. Du er nå smart da :D Kos deg i den nye campingvogna.
    ha en fin helg!! :D

  4. I'm very happy for you...:D
    I have only kitchen table:(

  5. How wonderful that you now have your own work space, and it looks such a nice place to be.

    Thanks for the comment re my window 'problem' :)

    Good for you getting your paper in! Mine is coming very slowly but that's normal for the beginning I know - I usually feel confused for a few days after all the research then suddenly it all comes together and I write (and re-write!) like a mad woman for 2 - 3 days. I'm looking forward to that phase!

    I'm looking forward also to having the time to come back here to your blog and look properly at all the different rooms, I like the variety of styles very much.

  6. Så lurt! Burde få inn masse lys der også, med vinduer på alle kanter. Har hatt bloggpause, men har kikket litt innom bloggen din allikevel. Hotellrommene dine er blitt nydelige, artig med temarom og jeg elsker de orientalske rommene dine!